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BOUND (R – 18+)

Why did you cut your hair?

What am I going to run my hands through?

I didn’t let my hair grow out for you. You’ll be fine. Get here first.


What are you doing?

Shhh… Stay.

It’s 9.21pm and by now, it’s easy to tell that I do not have good intentions

towards your body. This silk Hermes scarf that reminds me of Paris, its fit for your

right hand. What are you doing? Is the question you ask when I secure your right

wrist. You know. I don’t know why you bother with being coy. Lyon is the orange

scarf that secures your left wrist. Marseille is the scarf that holds your left leg. My

eyes trace the distance between the two of them. 2 hours and a bit by train. 10

minutes by slow, deliberate kisses from the crook of your arm, via your

sidesthrough your waist, right down through your hip right down to your leg.

X is the shape your body forms when I secure Lagos – the black silk neck tie I

have in a sailor’s knot around your right ankle.

I laugh. Like I do when the moment is supposed to be awkward. I laugh when I’m supposedly not supposed to. Fuck that. I have you at my mercy now. This is an identical moment to the ones you have with your man. You like it, your nails grazing his back and your power over him is obvious. But no, you love it even more when A Man takes you. It’s why even though you’re tied up, blindfolded and helpless; you love it. You act like you don’t but I know you do. You squirm and make those purring noises of discomfort. But you love it. I know this because you moan when Istanbul brushes against your left nipple. Istanbul is a multicolored feather that reminds me of the Holi.

It drives you crazy and you moan. You hate it; losing control like this. It’s a change

from how you subtly dominate him and he doesn’t even know it. But it’s amusing

to me and I chuckle just to aggravate you further. Your man is reverent and

worships at the temple that is your body. Fuck that, I’ll just flick Istanbul lightly

again and again, as I please, against your clit. You draw and writhe against the

holds of Paris and Lyon. Viva la France! I say under my breath.

I’ll need to change the sheets.

Monday is going to chuckle and say Oga is a naughty man from the stains you’ve made on my sheets. But I’ll wait. I’ll wait till you beg for it. You need to be filled. I know you do. But every man before right now has carelessly plunged into your depths without bottoming out in the nadir of who you are.
Say it, I whisper. It’s right on the tip of your tongue. Just do it. But no, the last vestiges of your control quiver as I run the pink feather from your right knee, via the inside of your thighs up against your mound. I chuckle as you shudder. It’s amusing how your flesh shakes and quivers.
Say it, I chuckle.

Fuck me.

Prague is the ice against your clit as I lick lightly on your left inner thigh. I want more conviction in your voice as you say these things. I want you to say it louder. I withdraw both ice and tongue; and blow. The warm air causes you to shiver. Say it.

Fuck me, please
Hahahaha. The desperation in your voice is too amusing, abeg. No, you don’t mean it, I say. Fuck you, Jibola stop torturing me and fuck me dammit.
So feisty, I groan. It’s so much fun, this torture and teasing. But my body craves to be pleasured as well. I free Paris and Lyon but Marseille and Lagos are still splayed. Your hands, like a barnacle, clasp around my neck. And you dig your nails into my back. Weird how, it courses as pleasure down my spine.
Your breath catches as I fit just enough in. I look at your face, like a coke bottle with beads of sweat all over. Just the tip, I say, Ewinot pen you. We laugh together and you call me a bastard. I delve in to the hilt and you cut off mid-sentence. It’s the look on your face that makes me laugh again. I hope it’s not your cum-face, but you prove me wrong; drawing blood and holding me tighter. And you squeal, making me wish I had ear-muffs.
I thrust round and round. It’s a dance, and I’m swaying to an unheard soukous rhythm, coaxing more and more pleasure out of you. You whimper and say things only you can understand. It’s how I know it’s just begun.


It will be a long night.


Why Do Men Cheat?

Anyone who’s done it before knows it sucks. At best, you keep your mouth shut about a one-time slip and carry on for the duration of the relationship knowing that you’re a grade-A dush bag

And yet, we persist. Well, “we” as in men, not “we” including me, but I’ve been there before. I’ve done it. But why? Why have so many of us at some point in our lives done what we all know to be the cardinal no-no in relationships? Some blame biology and our predilection to spread our genes as far and wide as possible. Technically, it’s true. Re-productively speaking, indiscriminate lady boning is the most efficient way to ensure that the species flourishes. The problem is that it’s been about 50,000 years since our survival was ever in question. After all, it was humans (or puffins, or penguins, I can’t be sure) who invented “mating for life.” Why can most men get it right, while others can’t?

What follows is a list of “reasons” why men cheat. Reason might not be the right word, because it implies a lack of control or premeditation. That said, they aren’t really excuses, either, because an excuse is usually something you offer in lieu of a truer, more embarrassing explanation. What do we call them then? Good question. Without further adieu or confusion, here are the top 6 things related to why men cheat on their ladies

No. 6: You’re not getting any

Let’s all be adults here and agree that after a certain age, we commit to someone because we like her an awful lot and need a socially defensible way to sleep with her on the regular. I’m not trying to belittle anyone’s moral or religious views on the issue, nor is sex the most important part of a healthy relationship. But it is a big part, and as adults it’s really what separates friendship from romantic involvement. If you’re in an emotionally fulfilling but sexually inadequate relationship, it can almost be more frustrating than having no one at all. For guys unwilling to have a difficult conversation or jettison an incomplete relationship, cheating is often seen as an option

No. 5: She cheated on you

If you’re in high school or are just really immature, this probably makes a lot of sense. she cheated on you, but you love her too much to end it, so you figure evening the score will iron everything out. It’s tempting for any guy too weak or love-drunk to make tough decisions, although never in the history of mankind has hurting someone made you feel less hurt yourself. And, fellas, here’s a tip: If she cheated on you, she’s probably already checked out to the point where you turning the tables isn’t going to phase her much. If anything, you’re just validating feelings she already had.

No. 4: You want to know you’ve “still got it”

Everyone has a deep-seated need to feel wanted and attractive, not just by their significant other, but by the public at large. That’s why you clean yourself up when you’re just going out with your bros, or why your lady friend puts on makeup even if she’s just going shopping. Even the occasional harmless flirting by or with an attractive member of the opposite sex can put a little extra pep in your step, and that’s fine, because it’s likely your partner who will reap the benefits. For a truly insecure man, though, that won’t be enough. He needs to actually score in order to feel validated. If you combine the insecurity here with the barren sexual lake beds of No. 6, it’s almost (almost) understandable why some men stray.

No. 3: You COULDN’T say “no”

If we’re being honest, it’s not often that gorgeous women walk around waving their hoo-has in our faces and handing out open invitations for sexual intercourse. Still, I think most men have, at some point in their lives, had an attractive woman really come on strong to them. How we handle it depends on several factors, dating status presumably chief among them. Single? Great, hit it like it owes you money. Not single? You know what the answer should be, but do you have the will power?  The kind of man who gives into this kind of temptation is often less experienced with women, and despite his being spoken for, believes it to be an opportunity he can’t pass up. But if you’ve been around the block a time or two, you see that kind of come-on for what it is: abnormal, desperate and kind of a turnoff. If it helps, you can say you couldn’t blame her because you’re so handsome.

No. 2: She disgusts you

Sometimes in a long-term relationship, people let themselves go. Maybe she’s gained a ton of weight, maybe she’s developed a drinking problem or maybe she just can’t seem to get her sh*t together in general. Whatever it is, the problem with familiarity is that you don’t notice these things as they happen over time, the way you would with a friend or relative you don’t see very often. Instead, all of a sudden, you wake up one day and realize the creature sharing your apartment is a far cry from the girl you first said “I love you” to. Again, for some men, it comes down to choosing between having a difficult (potentially fruitless) discussion or just chasing tail elsewhere.

No. 1: You don’t love her anymore

Here’s a fun exercise if you’re single: Go find an ex you truly couldn’t care less about anymore, and have sex with her. Not quite what it used to be, is it? Love (or at least feelings), we learn as we get older, is a big part of what makes great sex great. Take those away, and you’re just two animals humping. It’s why one-night stands usually kind of suck, and why the aforementioned ex-sex is at best disappointing. When that happens, it’s tempting to replace those lost feelings with the excitement that comes with meeting and bedding someone new. It’s a poor substitute and, ultimately, delays the inevitable.

So are these reasons? Explanations? Let’s call them rationalizations, something between a reason and an excuse. Whatever a man tells himself (or his partner) to rationalize his infidelity, it belies the simple fact that he is involved in something in which he does not fully wish to be involved. If you feel like you’re going to cheat, try to determine if it’s for any of the above reasons (or something altogether different) and see if it can be resolved. If not, suck it up, be a man and get out. Cheating, above all else, is an act of disrespect and cowardice

Why Do Women Cheat?


By Kim Seabrooks

Why women cheat is a very interesting topic of discussion, as the reasons why women cheat are much different than the reasons men cheat. This article will discuss the top four reasons why women cheat on their partners. If anyone can think any others reasons, please let us know.

#1: She feels ignored and unloved.

The main reason that women cheat on their partners is not for physical gratification, but for emotional gratification. If a woman feels that her partner doesn’t care about her, doesn’t really love her, or ignores her, she is going to try to find someone else that will care about her, love her, and not ignore her. This is why most women, when they cheat, fall in love with or think they have fallen in love with the person they have cheated with—they feel that that person understands them, loves them, will appreciate them, and not ignore them.

#2: She’s not satisfied sexually.

Although emotional gratification is more likely the reason for a woman to cheat that sexual gratification, a woman still may cheat because she is not sexually satisfied. Even if the woman and her partner are regularly having sex, the woman may not feel that they are really making love. Also, the woman might find that having sex with new, different men is more exciting than only having sex with one person.

#3: She’s getting revenge.

If a woman is hurt or angry about her partner’s past actions, she might cheat to get back at them. Women who are treated poorly, are in a loveless relationship, or are abused by their partners may find that cheating is a way of revenge or even rebellion against them.

#4: She’s doesn’t respect her partner.

A woman may cheat on her partner because she has lost respect for them. A woman can lose respect for her partner for a number of different reasons, including the reasons already listed above: she is being ignored, she feels unloved, she is not being sexually satisfied, she is treated poorly, and/ or she is abused. Other reasons could be that her partner is not making as much money as they did in the past, her partner has gained some weight, or her partner no longer exhibits one or several of the characteristics she once loved best about her partner. When this becomes the case, a woman may look for someone that makes more money, is in better physical shape, or possessed the characteristics that she misses in her partner.

These top four reasons why women cheat give you a bit of insight into the minds of women. Now that you’re in the know about why women cheat, you can use this information in your relationship to make sure that you’re treating your girl right so she won’t cheat on you!

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