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“Our culture tries to un-complicate sex by advocating to, “do it often and with multiple partners.” We try to un-complicate sex by dumbing it down to a mere appetite. Even if it were a mere appetite then a good majority of our culture could be classified as sexually obese. Let’s face it. Sex is complicated. It is the driving force of many people’s lives. And they will loose all human reason to indulge in it for a fleeting second. Sex is powerful. It has the power to bind together or tear apart. It has the power to heal or destroy. It has the power to build up or tear down. It has the power to give or to take. It has the power to mar or to make beautiful.” – Unknown

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Being a Virgin Isn’t Enough

Going through my twitter time line, i stumbled upon a post of my favorite bloggers.. well forgive me, it caught my attention only because the word ‘virgin’ was written.. but as i read on, i did not regret it one bit..lesson learnt.. the owner of the post? her name is chadia mathurin, Enjoy,



It’s 2:57 am and I can’t sleep. God has placed some things of great significance on my heart as it pertains relationships and emotions

and how these things affect Christian men and women. I am a 22 year old Christian woman. I have never been in a relationship. My

lips remain untouched. I am a virgin. Yet, I am not owner to that sense of wholeness and purity that should come with my chaste

status. During the past couple of  weeks, I spent some time talking to God about that nagging feeling that stalked me; that feeling

said, “Chadia, being a virgin isn’t enough.” For others, it would read that being celibate isn’t enough. I found out that there was great

merit to this uncomfortable feeling and the disconcerting thought which it bred, and I will share with you why.

I’ve never been in a relationship, but I’m not exactly the type of woman who shies away from men. I shy away from relationships, but

not men. My personality is one that revels in winning. As such, I became a master of the game. I enjoyed mind games and the sense

of conquest that came with them, and the man who was the quintessential flirt was my perfect prey. I took pleasure in my ability to

make a man fall, but remain detached. By the time I was 17, I had read so many books that explained the psychology of the man in

contrast to the psychology of the woman that I had gleaned an understanding of men, well beyond my years. I understood things

about them that they themselves were yet to become aware of. What I thought was fun, would taint something that I deemed very

valuable: my purity.

In the Christian realm we often view purity as something having to do only with the physical; only as it pertains to sex. But I am fast

learning that emotional integrity is a big part of purity. God started to reveal to me how we as young  men and women give off pieces

of ourselves to others who are not our spouses. As a young woman, I shouldn’t be doing for another man what only my husband

should experience. Too many men have experienced the care and affection that only my husband should experience, too many men

have heard me say words that only my husband should hear, and too many men have received the affirmation that only my husband

should receive. Too many men have seen and experienced the power behind the woman that I am; the power that only my husband

should experience. As a young man, too many women should not  have experienced the care and affection that only your wife should

experience, too many women should not have heard you say the words that only your wife should hear, and too many women should

not  have received the affirmation that only your wife should receive.

When you’re young, armed with knowledge but not enough wisdom, the attachment (the individual to you) that comes with giving

away these pieces of yourself deceives you into believing that you are in a position of power. You believe that these other people are

getting hurt, but you have it under control. Trust me when I say that you have told yourself a big lie. To young women, I say to you

that you are compromising your emotional wholeness, which is unfair to both you and your future husband. To young men, I say to

you that your are compromising your emotional wholeness which is unfair both to you and your future wife. We become nothing but

robots of the game. The game was not created for us. We are Christians. It is not ours to play.

I asked myself if God were allow me to meet my husband today, would I be in a place of emotional integrity that he is worthy of? How

many men am I emotionally attached to? How many “friends” do I need to redefine my relationship with? Will I be able to love him as I

should? Would I be as open as I could be? How unfair would it be to him, that another man has experienced what is his? This is why I

say that we simply become robots of the game. All my game playing has left me in a place of emotional brokenness. I shouldn’t be

afraid to become attached to someone if he is serious about me, and has created an atmosphere of trust and comfort, but I am. I

shouldn’t be afraid to share certain things with someone if he has created an atmosphere of trust and comfort, but I am. It is important

to guard one’s heart, but mine is in a maximum security prison.

Despite still having some unattached pieces from the puzzle of emotional wholeness and integrity, God has allowed me to put many of

the pieces back together again. I don’t flirt anymore. It is a dangerous and unfair game. I watch how I give compliments. There is a

compliment and then there is the deliberate stroking of the ego. I understand that it is not my job to make a man who is not my

husband or intended husband feel like he is Superman. You affirm a man too much, he either becomes attached if he’s not averse to

the idea of a relationship or runs if he is averse. Affirmation is a powerful thing to a man, and if you can make him feel like he’s

Superman he also recognizes that you can become his kryptonite; meaning he recognizes that you are a force to be taken seriously.

I’ve learnt to set boundaries, and I’ve learnt to ask questions. I ask from the get go what a man’s intentions are where I’m concerned. If you are not serious about me, then we shouldn’t be having certain conversations, we shouldn’t be sharing certain jokes and

information, and you probably shouldn’t be taking me out to nice, cozy dinners and giving me gifts. I’ve also taken note of the things

that I value. I understand that giving gifts is a big part of how I  demonstrate love, so I don’t give gifts to all and sundry. It may be a

normal way of life to the man, but to me it’s a big deal, and somewhat alters the way I feel about an individual.

I don’t know how to guide a young man along the path of emotional integrity, but I can say this: I believe that God has called the

young men in the body to stand apart from the young men of the world. They stand apart by understanding that their rightful place is

the place of leadership. They stand apart by understanding that theirs is a role of protection, and subsequently demonstrating this

comprehension by guarding and protecting the emotions of the young women with whom they interact. They stand apart by operating

in integrity when pursuing a woman in the body. Gentlemen, it makes absolutely no sense pursuing women when you know that

settling down is afar off for you.  It is not your job to flatter a young woman that you have no intention of taking seriously, and you

should feel absolutely no guilt about it. It doesn’t matter how much you say that we are “just friends”. If your mouth is saying one thing

but your actions are saying another, the woman will most likely go with what you are doing. Do not be alarmed that even after you’ve

said a million times that we are just friends that a woman falls for you, if you’re treating her like only someone who is her man should


My eyes have become heavy, and the clacking sound of the keys of my keyboard is no longer appealing. I have church in a few

hours, but I would hope that this post would open the discourse on emotional integrity amongst young men and women of God, and

even those who are in the world. After all, he came that we would all have life more abundantly. I’m off for now. And it is possible that

you will hear more on this topic from me. Shalom!


The Weeknd talks on how Touring Makes Him A Better Artist (First Audio Interview to MTV)

This interview made me realize that Nigerian artists have a long way to go when it comes to song writing. the depth of a song is key, sadly, in this country, all we hear are crappy song lyrics with a good beat to cover up. i hope some day soon, all these change. big ups to Asa tho, she’s the only one making good music in Nigeria..xo

The Weeknd – Pretty is from the album KISSLAND available to download here

Superman, the strongest super hero ever?

Is superman the strongest super hero ever? Yes or No?

The Wedding Night (R +18)




Finally, it was all over!

The long awaited day that I and Jumoke, my newly wedded wife had been looking forward to. The days before the wedding had been extremely hectic. We’d made plans and arrangements all month long. We’d fasted and prayed and gone for various counseling classes at the church. We had been prepared for the wedding day  months before it came.

I’d been so anxious,  I had been so careful so as not to stutter while saying my vows. My hands shivered when I slipped Jumoke’s ring on her finger. She had given me a knowing look and smiled, assuring me that all would be fine. That look that meant we will be fine, we’ll get through thick and thin, I never felt better my whole life. I really wanted to sigh at the altar but I couldn’t.

We had danced at the reception and gotten so many gifts that we couldn’t have carried all that evening. We had bid goodbye to our parents and gotten in the new Toyota Camry my Dad bought as my wedding gift. We sat side by side and held our hands smiling all the way to the new house Jumoke’s Mom had built for her daughter as her wedding gift. We were both very happy. We loved each other so much. We couldn’t wait to start our family.

As we got closer to home, I wondered how the rest of the evening was going to be. In the 7 months I’d known Jumoke, we had hardly kissed. She was quite the devoted Christian sister in our church and had devoted her life to the work of God. Every time she had come to my apartment, despite my attempts to lure her into spending the night with me, she had refused. She said she was keeping herself till marriage like a true Christian should do.

Despite my cajoling, she never did give me a chance to know her better without any clothes on. Always fully clothed when around my apartment. We kissed a few times, but never the deep or passionate ones. I hadn’t kissed my new bride 3 months before we got married. She had talked about us being in a sacred and holy mood before we got joined in matrimony. I used to be a sex freak, although I toned down a bit on my urges. I shouldn’t have gone this far with Jumoke. If it was any other lady, I would have ended it. But Jumoke was different. I trusted her and I still do.

When we got to the house, I shared a few words with Mike, the guy who had drove us home before he returned to join the others at the reception venue.  Then I helped Jumoke hold her flowing gown as we walked into the living room. We were both quiet. I put on the television to kill the silence and tuned the DSTV to the God music channel as gospel music filled the room. I asked her if she needed help getting out of the gown but she said she’ll be fine. I said, okay and watched her enter into the bathroom and close the door. I reduced the volume of the TV, locked the front door and sat on the sofa. So many things were going through my head.

Now we were married, so the sex will finally happen right? What if it doesn’t? What if she’s the type that hates sex? Mahn, that will be awful.

I had already started to consider my other options if my wife had a near-zero sexual libido when mine was always almost at its peak.

You would cheat on your new wife? You fool! This is the reason while you should have tried harder to do her before you wedded her. You have gone and gotten yourself stuck with a damn robot.

I kept thinking. I didn’t want to be the type of husband who would always ask his wife for sex. I didn’t want to bug her about it. I didn’t want it to be an issue between us. An issue that could make her take report  me to her parents. Now that would be very embarrassing and aw…

“Honey, I want you to fuck me.” I heard somewhere behind me.

At first I thought I was dreaming, then I looked to my right and saw Jumoke standing totally nude by the door to the bedroom. My jaw dropped and my erection kick started like I had taken some form of Alomo or Ogidiga or the both mixed. Her body glistened with water she just bathed with. Her boobs looked glorious, with those nipples looking inviting, the areola stared back at me with full confidence The flare of her hips was magnificent. The dark spot between her thighs were shaven and calling to me. I thought this day would never come.

She saw how awe struck I was and repeated those magic words.

“I want you to fuck me so hard right now. Come on” She said without missing a bit, dead serious about it.

I pushed myself out of the sofa and ran towards my lovely new wife. I grabbed her waist and planted a kiss on her lips. Her hand had already gone down my crotch and grabbed my dick, smooching my crotch. She kissed me with that passion I longed for, her tongue wrestling with mine, grabbing my crotch intermittently.

“Take off your clothes please” I dutifully did as I was told and got rid of my wedding suit like it was ridded with soldier ants. We were both nude as we stood right there in the living room. My hands rubbed all over her wet body. I grabbed that massive ass that I had wanted to grab for so long. With both hands, I lifted her up and made her cross her feet around my back then I held my rod and tried to insert into her. She hissed and whispered that I go in gently.

“You’re a virgin?” I asked, my heart beating at an incredulous pace.

“No” she replied. With a soft smile. “but its been so long that I almost feel like one”

We both laughed, then I carried her to the bedroom and gently placed her on the king-sized bed. It had been made for this occasion, with red sheets and plenty soft pillows. Her Mom was behind it, I knew. I proceeded to do to her something I’d always wanted to do. I planted her inner thighs with soft kisses.

She moaned softly, knowing what was coming next. The moment my tongue found the sweet tasting lips of her cooch, slowing licking my way to her clitoris, she brought her legs together and squirmed, trying to push me away and drag me in at the same time. Her moans increased, her body shivered as I sucked her deeper and harder, putting much work into pleasing her.

She wailed and called my name, screaming the Lord’s name while she creamed. Her juices filled mouth and I sucked harder, and even harder. Till a point she could hardly take it anymore then I held my dick and guided it into her orifice.

Jumoke wailed once more, grabbed my body and hugged me tight as I dug deep into her in traditional missionary style. Her cooch was stupidly wet, warm and sweet. She urged me in with the move of her hips, I completely lost the look of the prayer warrior she was during the vigils to who she is now, wailing and moaning intensely.  She would grab the bed-sheet and drag it towards her. I kissed her face as tears poured from her eyes. She moaned, and hissed and told me how much she loved me.

I told her how much I loved her too. I felt my climax approaching and I closed my eyes and let it take over me, slamming hard against her. I inserted my dick deep into her orifice and blasted my cum into her. Our bodies entangled in love and sweat. She held onto me as my thrusts became slower. Then I lay beside her on the bed and we kissed again, even with more passion than before.

I looked into Jumoke’s eyes. She looked into mine. She was so beautiful. Her smile made her even prettier.

“You were surprised when I told you to fuck me. Why?” Jumoke asked me

“Uhh, I wasn’t sure I had heard you correctly. I never thought you could….” I said but was cut short

“say such a word?” I smiled.

She chuckled. “So my new husband doesn’t know everything about me like he’s supposed to”

“Well, I’m hoping you will show me more” I said and kissed her.

“Of course. We have a long night ahead of us, Mister.”

With that she got on top of me and directed my newly charged dick into her soft wet coochie.

My wedding night was a glorious night

Grammy 2014: Winners list

Take a look at some of the top winners below:

Record of the year

“Get Lucky” — Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers — WINNER
“Radioactive” — Imagine Dragons
“Royals” — Lorde
“Locked out of Heaven” — Bruno Mars
“Blurred Lines” — Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell

Album of the year

“The Blessed Unrest” — Sara Bareilles
“Random Access Memories” — Daft Punk — WINNER
“Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” — Kendrick Lamar
“The Heist” — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
“Red” — Taylor Swift

Song of the year

“Just Give Me a Reason” — P!nk featuring Nate Ruess
“Locked Out of Heaven” — Bruno Mars
“Roar” — Katy Perry
“Royals” — Lorde — WINNER
“Same Love” — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best new artist

James Blake
Kendrick Lamar
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis — WINNER
Kacey Musgraves
Ed Sheeran

Best pop solo performance

Sara Bareilles — “Brave”
Lorde — “Royals” — WINNER
Bruno Mars — “When I Was Your Man”
Katy Perry — “Roar”
Justin Timberlake — “Mirrors”

Best pop duo/group performance

Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers — “Get Lucky” — WINNER
P!nk featuring Nate Ruess — “Just Give Me a Reason”
Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko — “Stay”
Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell — “Blurred Lines”
Justin Timberlake and Jay Z — “Suit & Tie”

Best pop instrumental album

Herb Alpert — “Steppin’ Out” — WINNER
Boney James — “The Beat”
Earl Klugh — “Handpicked”
Dave Koz, Gerald Albright, Mindi Abair and Richard Elliot — “Summer Horns”
Jeff Lorber Fusion — “Hacienda”

Best pop vocal album

Lana Del Rey — “Paradise”
Lorde — “Pure Heroine”
Bruno Mars — “Unorthodox Jukebox” — WINNER
Robin Thicke — “Blurred Lines”
Justin Timberlake — “The 20/20 Experience — The Complete Experience”

Best dance recording

“Need U (100%)” — Duke Dumont featuring A*M*E & MNEK
“Sweet Nothing” — Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch
“Atmosphere” — Kaskade
“The is What it Feels Like” — Armin Van Buuren featuring Trevor Guthrie
“Clarity” — Zedd featuring Foxes — WINNER

Best dance/electronica album

“Random Access Memories” — Daft Punk — WINNER
“Settle” — Disclosure
“18 Months” — Calvin Harris
“Atmosphere” — Kaskade
“A Color Map of the Sun” — Pretty Lights

Best traditional pop vocal album

“Viva Duets” — Tony Bennett and various artists
“To Be Loved” — Michael Bublé — WINNER
“The Standards” — Gloria Estefan
“Cee Lo’s Magic Moment” — Cee Lo Green
“Now” — Dionne Warwick

Best rock performance

Alabama Shakes — “Always Alright”
David Bowie — “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”
Imagine Dragons — “Radioactive” — WINNER
Led Zeppelin — “Kashmir”
Queens of the Stone Age — “My God is the Sun”
Jack White — “I’m Shakin’ ”

Best metal performances

Anthrax — “T.N.T.”
Black Sabbath — “God is Dead?” — WINNER
Dream Theater — “The Enemy Inside”
Killswitch Engage — “In Due Time”
Volbeat featuring King Diamond — “Room 24”

Best rock song

“Ain’t Messin’ ‘Round” — Gary Clark Jr.
“Cut Me Some Slack” — Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear — WINNER
“Doom and Gloom” — The Rolling Stones
“God Is Dead?” — Black Sabbath
“Panic Station” — Muse

Best rock album

Black Sabbath — “13”
David Bowie — “The Next Day”
Kings of Leon — “Mechanical Bull”
Led Zeppelin — “Celebration Day” — WINNER
Queens of the Stone Age — “… Like Clockwork”
Neil Young with Crazy Horse — “Psychedelic Pill”

Best alternative music album

Neko Case — “The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You”
The National — “Trouble Will Find Me”
Nine Inch Nails — “Hesitation Marks”
Tame Impala — “Lonerism”
Vampire Weekend — “Modern Vampires of the City” — WINNER

Best R&B performance

Tamar Braxton — “Love and War”
Anthony Hamilton — “Best of Me”
Hiatus Kaiytoe featuring Q-Tip — “Nakamarra”
Miguel featuring Kendrick Lamar — “How Many Drinks?”
Snarky Puppy with Lala Hathaway — “Something” — WINNER

Best traditional R&B performance

Gary Clark Jr. — “Please Come Home” — WINNER
Fantasia — “Get It Right”
Maysa — “Quiet Fire”
Gregory Porter — “Hey Laura”
Ryan Shaw — “Yesterday”

Best R&B song

“Best of Me” — Anthony Hamilton
“Love and War” — Tamar Braxton
“Only One” — PJ Morton featuring Stevie Wonder
“Pusher Love Girl” — Justin Timberlake — WINNER
“Without Me” — Fantasia featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott

Best urban contemporary album

Tamar Braxton — “Love and War”
Fantasia — “Side Effects of You”
Salaam Remi — “One: In the Chamber”
Rihanna — “Unapologetic” — WINNER
Mack Wilds — “New York: A Love Story”

Best R&B album

Faith Evans — “R&B Divas”
Alicia Keys — “Girl on Fire” — WINNER
John Legend — “Love in the Future”
Chrisette Michele — “Better”
TGT — “Three Kings”

Best rap performance

Drake — “Started From the Bottom”
Eminem — “Berserk”
Jay Z — “Tom Ford”
Kendrick Lamar — “Swimming Pools (Drank)”
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz — “Thrift Shop” — WINNER

Best rap/sung collaboration

J. Cole featuring Miguel — “Power Trip”
Jay Z featuring Beyoncé — “Part II (On the Run)”
Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake — “Holy Grail” — WINNER
Kendrick Lamar featuring Mary J. Blige — “Now or Never”
Wiz Khalifa featuring the Weeknd — “Remember You”

Best rap song

“F***in’ Problems” — A$AP Rocky featuring Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar
“Holy Grail” — Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake
“New Slaves” — Kanye West
“Started From the Bottom” — Drake
“Thrift Shop” — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis — WINNER

Best rap album

Drake — “Nothing Was the Same”
Jay Z — “Magna Carta … Holy Grail”
Kendrick Lamar — “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City”
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis — “The Heist” — WINNER
Kanye West — “Yeezus”

Best country solo performance

Lee Brice — “I Drive Your Truck”
Hunter Hayes — “I Want Crazy”
Miranda Lambert — “Mama’s Broken Heart”
Darius Rucker — “Wagon Wheel” — WINNER
Blake Shelton — “Mine Would Be You”

Best country duo/group performance

The Civil Wars — “From This Valley” — WINNER
Kelly Clarkson featuring Vince Gill — “Don’t Rush”
Little Big Town — “Your Side of the Bed”
Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban — “Highway Don’t Care”
Kenny Rogers With Dolly Parton — “You Can’t Make Old Friends”

Best country song

“Begin Again” — Taylor Swift
“I Drive Your Truck” — Lee Brice
“Mama’s Broken Heart” — Miranda Lambert
“Merry Go ‘Round” — Kacey Musgraves — WINNER
“Mine Would Be You” — Blake Shelton

Best country album

Jason Aldean — “Night Train”
Tim McGraw — “Two Lanes of Freedom”
Kacey Musgraves — “Same Trailer Different Park” — WINNER
Blake Shelton — “Based on a True Story”
Taylor Swift — “Red”

Best Latin pop album

Frankie J — “Faith, Hope y Amor”
Ricardo Montaner — “Viajero Frecuente”
Draco Rosa — “Vida” — WINNER
Aleks Syntek — “Syntek”
Tommy Torres — “12 Historias”

Best Latin rock, urban or alternative album

Café Tacvba — “El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco”
El Tri — “Ojo Por Ojo”
Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas — “Chances”
La Santa Cecilia — “Treinta Dias” — WINNER
Los Amigos Invisibles — “Repeat After Me”

Producer of the year, nonclassical
Rob Cavallo
Dr. Luke
Ariel Rechtshaid
Jeff Tweedy
Pharrell Williams — WINNER

Best compilation soundtrack for visual media

“Django Unchained”
“The Great Gatsby” (deluxe edition)
“Les Miserables” (deluxe edition
“Muscle Shoals”
“Sound City: Real to Reel” — WINNER

Best score soundtrack for visual media
“The Great Gatsby”
“Life of Pi”
“Skyfall” — WINNER
“Zero Dark Thirty”

Best song written for visual media
Coldplay — “Atlas” — “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
Jessie J — “Silver Lining” — “Silver Linings Playbook”
Adele — “Skyfall” — “Skyfall” — WINNER
Colbie Caillat featuring Gavin DeGraw — “We Both Know” — “Safe Haven”
Lana Del Rey — “Young and Beautiful” — “The Great Gatsby” (deluxe edition)
Regina Spektor — “You’ve Got Time” — “Orange is the New Black”

Best music video
Captial Cities — “Safe and Sound”
Jay Z — “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film”
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton — “Can’t Hold Us”
Justin Timberlake featuring Jay Z — “Suit & Tie” — WINNER
Jack White — “I’m Shakin'”

Best music film

Coldplay — “Live 2012”
Green Day — “¡Cuatro!”
Ben Harper With Charlie Musselwhite — “I’m in I’m Out and I’m Gone: The Making of Get Up!”
Paul McCartney — “Live Kisses” — WINNER
Mumford & Sons — “The Road to Red Rocks”

New upcoming movies of 2014

This Year in Movies – 2014 will once again be a year of sequels and remakes. There will be over 20 movie sequels in 2014, including Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Expendables 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men Days of Future, Night at the Museum 3, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, The Amazing Spider-Man, 22 Jump Street and 300: Rise of An Empire, among others. Expect remakes of Godzilla, Robocop, Annie and Pinocchio on the big screen too.… Read MoreReceive Weekly Movie and DVD UpdatesEmail:

Most Popular 2014 Movies updated daily

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction posterDawn of the Planet of the Apes posterThe Legend of Hercules posterGodzilla posterLone Survivor poster

January 2014 (41 Movies)

February 2014 (30 Movies)

March 2014 (27 Movies)

April 2014 (22 Movies)

May 2014 (14 Movies)

June 2014 (9 Movies)

July 2014 (9 Movies)

August 2014 (16 Movies)

September 2014 (11 Movies)

October 2014 (10 Movies)

November 2014 (9 Movies)

December 2014 (7 Movies)

Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Fifa Ballon d’Or for the second time after a stellar year. The Real Madrid forward was emotional as he collected his award and thanked his team-mates for their support in allowing him to win the prize.

“First of all I have to say a great thanks to all of my team-mates with the club and the national team,” he said. “Without all of their efforts this would not have been possible. I am very happy, it is very difficult to win this award.

“Everybody that has been involved with me on a personal level I have to thank. My wife, my friends, my son. It is a tremendously emotional moment. All I can say is thank you to everybody that has been involved.”

Scoring at a ratio of over a goal a game, he became the quickest Real Madrid player to reach 200 goals for the club and signed a new deal at the Bernabéu in what was a sensational 2013 for the 28-year-old. He also scored in both legs of Madrid’s Champions League tie against his former side Manchester United but could not help his compatriot José Mourinho capture any silverware in his final year at the club.

Ronaldo won the 2008 Ballon d’Or for his performances as a Manchester United player but since then has seen his great rival Lionel Messi walk off with the prize four years in a row while he has finished as a runner-up three times.

Messi may have dropped below his own high standards in the last year – averaging a meagre goal a game and winning only his sixth Primera Division crown with Barcelona – but he was hoping to collect his fifth straight Ballon d’Or.

Messi’s importance to Barcelona was highlighted during an infamous Champions League mauling at the hands of Franck Ribéry’s Bayern Munich in April when the 26-year-old was an unused substitute in the second leg as he struggled to overcome a hamstring issue.

Ribéry enjoyed being part of an all-conquering Bayern side which swept everyone away both domestically and on the European stage, hammering Messi’s Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate in their Champions League semi-final before going on to beat their German rivals Borussia Dortmund in the Wembley final.

While Ribéry collected winners’ medals for the Bundesliga, the German Cup, Champions League, Super Cup and Fifa Club World Cup competitions, Ronaldo did not win a single team accolade with his Real Madrid side in 2013. But the Ballon d’Or is awarded for individual prestige and the Portugal captain once again shone brightly for much of the year.

The first ever Ballon D’Or Prix D’Honneur was also awarded to Pelé. “In the great sweep of history, there are few names that stand out. But when we think of football, there is one name that leaps out above all others,” said the Fifa president Sepp Blatter. “No player has had such an influence on the game. No one has inspired so many to play. His legacy speak to us all. His verve and skill were timeless. His creativity limitless, his good nature boundless.”

“I got so many trophies and prizes but I was jealous because all of those guys who got the Ballon d’Or, which I couldn’t get because I didn’t play in Europe,” said Pelé. “Now I thank God that I can complete my trophies at home.”

The Fifa/Fifpro World XI 2013 was also named and featured the Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, the defenders Philipp Lahm, Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva and Dani Alves, the midfielders Iniesta, Xavi and Ribéry and the forwards Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo.

Jupp Heynckes, who won the Champions League and the German league and cup with Bayern Munich last season, was named as the coach of the year over his fellow Champions League final coach, Borussia Dortmund’s Jürgen Klopp. The retired former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was the third nominee for the coach of the year but he did not attend the ceremony as he is on a family holiday in Barbados.

The German goalkeeper Nadine Angerer, who plays in Australia for the Brisbane Roar, was named as the Women’s World Player of the year ahead of the Brazilian Marta and the American Abby Wambach.

“I have to say that I’m a little surprised, but very thankful. First of all I have to thank everybody that voted for me. I just want to pay my respects to Marta and Abby who have had an incredible year too.”

Ibrahimovic won the 2013 Fifa Puskas Award for the most beautiful goal of the season for his long-distance bicycle kick while playing for Sweden against England. The former head of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogges won the presidential award while the Afghanistan Football Federation were awarded the fair play award.


Four years together was beinging to take its toll on them. Just yesterday she had let paranoia take over her reasoning.
All the girl had sent was “great night, let’s do this again”…Those words had almost driven her crazy…no,It had driven her crazy. She had sat down, stood up, listened to music, thrown her phone on the wall, assembled it, cooked with a lot of pepper, infact she had done everything in the six stages of emotional pitfall while she waited for Bolaji’s return from work.

She had even done a conference call with her friends and poured out how she was going to ravenously dismantle his head, cook his balls and feed him with it. Tracy had laughed her head off and Titi had instructed her to “Calm her tits”…as usual Bukky had tried to understand the situation and provide explaination as to why a girl will send a dude such a text.

The downsides of dating a hot guy. she never used to be insecure until one day, an eerie feeling had washed over her and she started acting like a spy. As usual, Bolaji just smiles through it all and says “Babe, we are fine”.

Today, she felt stupid. After he had explained himself, she kept askin herself one question…”WHY!!! Why she had acted so irrationally”.

Well even though the girl’s problem was solved, she still felt like things were getting boring. Every activity was seeming cliche and she had already assumed the role of “Iyawo”.

So today, spice things up she will. The plan was simple. Bolaji was her man and she knew just what made his dick nod in approval…(Yes, I said it. I know what makes it nod). She smiled.

The aura in the office was far from normal. Bolaji was having a hard time concentrating at this meeting with Deitan acting slutty. She was sitting beside him pretending to be fanning her neck with the mouse pad and prying the first two buttons of her transparent white shirt open. Open enough for Bolaji to sight her big breast. As if that wasn’t enough, she had her hands up his thigh until the Md’s voice helped bring back sanity.

He had made it through the meeting with his senses hanging on very thin thread. Deitan was from hell!!! he thought. She was one of the very persistent girls in his life who wouldn’t take no. He loved Nasima and the thought of hurting her with Deitan was eating him up. Maybe it was hurting him so much because he also wanted the bitch. She had tormented him for a long time and it was only polite for him to want to punish her. Maybe he’ll give in to her madness today. The thought excited him badly. He shook as his phone vibrated in his pocket.

•You have an erection

•All thanks to you.
•take your hands off the table and lean closer. I can’t see your boobs well *winks*
•help a brother!

•you are high *laughs*


•stp gettin me all excited. We know you won’t go through with it. Your “wifey” beckons. (˘̯˘ )( ˘˘̯)

•what do you want Deitan?

She looked up from her phone which she held on her laps. Her eyes were dark with need. Bolaji had to look away.

•why not let’s meet in your office after this and I’ll show you what I want…

•LOL. Ok.

The door opened and for one brief moment he had the urge to rush towards her but he restrained himself.

Bolaji: holy shit…Nasima! Err, what are you doing here?

Nasima: what do you mean? Can’t I visit my boyfriend again? Besides why are you so jumpy???

Bolaji: Err, nothing. Busy day. I still have a ton of things to settle before I close.

Fuck!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Shit!!!

Such freaking bad timing. Had Nasima brought the fight down to the office???…… NOW???…… He felt like crying. He had to find a way to dismiss her before Deitan appeared.

This is bad, he thought. Something had held Deitan up and here was his girlfriend hovering above him. What if Deitan had been 5minutes earlier? He didn’t even want to think about it. His mind was shooting her firy darts. So instead, he sat behind his desk and started bringing out files upon files. “At least, she knows better than to start any thing now” he thought.
Maybe she would realise he was really busy and leave.

Nasima was already feeling bad. He was obviously still mad at her.
“Durr…I can’t be blamed for protecting my man and relationship…Hello!!!”
But it was too late to turn back. She was here and she had to do what she came to do. At least let it be recorded that she made an effort.

There was something different about her today; standing in front of him in all sexiness. She had that mischievous cheshire cat grin on her face. He could tell that she was thinking about something. She was pacing his office and her heels were making klak, klak sound on the wooden panel floor. Once when her back was turned, he drank her in…

She was wearing a very short midnight Blue military styled dress with double bottons all the way down. A belt helped accentuate her tiny waist. If she made any attempt to bend, her crotch will be out in 3D with that barely obvious panty hose!!! The thought almost angered him. “So what if she got to her fashion store and had to bend ehn? So some other guy would be privy to the information under her legs ba” he thought…

She faced him almost too soon and caught him looking at her. Red alert!!!

“Actually B”… she started in the most appealing voice she could find, “I just came to say I’m sorry bout everything”

“Nasima, its ok. I understand how you feel but I need you to trust me. Okay?”

She smiled.

Bolaji sprang up from his seat in a flash and went to lock his door.

“Shit Nasima!!!”

“Is that all you’ll say? She was staring at him with one kind of “Eat me gaze”


Bolaji was confused, amazed and excited. Under the scandalous dress was a more scandalous piece of nothingness. The Nude bra cupped her breast from underneath like a mannequin and pushed them up leaving no space between her cleavage. As she peeled the “coat” off her body, his eyes widened like a saucer.

He walked up to her, and she felt triumphant. A smile played on her face…she was bitting her lower lips in the way she knew pleased him. And oh, he was very well pleased…

They were kissing like their lives depended on it. First it was just lips touching lips. His tongue pryed her mouth open. They kissed for what seemed like eternity. Bolaji lifted her up and placed her on the desk. He was cursing himself for bringing out all those unwanted files.

She wrapped her legs round his waist as the kiss went on and on. He kissed her nose. He kissed her forehead. She smiled. He kissed her lips again and she held his head ever so gently. Her hands reached down to take off her heels but he stopped her…

“Don’t! Please!”

His voice was hush and smoky…laced with need and desire. His erection closed the distance between them, touching the entrance of her already dripping pussy; entrance blocked by black panty hose. The fact that she had such scanty piece of clothing on was making his erection grow so much he felt it was going to burst. he put his hand behind her and unhooked her bra freeing one perfect breast after the other.

He kissed her neck and a moan escaped her lips. He felt her suck in air as one hand took the place of the bra. One finger was playing with the nipples. He felt her body twitch…

She was kissing his ears. He couldn’t explain how he felt. He bent down and took one nipple in his mouth flicking his tongue over it steadily and biting it softly.


She placed her elbows on the already scattered desk for balance. Giving him more room to explore her body.
He was touching her all over. It was like every touch hit nerves and every nerve was sending messages to her brain. He kissed her stomach. Sucked on her abdomen. He placed his hands to cover her hosed pussy like he was saying the grace over a meal. And just like Nasima had imagined it, Bolaji drilled a hole in d tissue-like fabric and slipped his fingers into her.


He fingered her slowly. He was trying to make the moment worthwhile. He didn’t want a quickie and he didn’t care about time.

He tore the hose a little more to allow space for his already throbing dick. He knew she wanted to taste it but he couldn’t wait. He wanted to give her something to look forward to tonight. He rubbed his prick up and down her clit and entrance enticing her.

God she was beautiful. He gave her a lingering once-over and remembered how mad she had been over that text message.

Someone knocked.

“Bolaji, there’s someone at the door”

“Well…I can’t possibly stop now can I?”

With that, he rammed into her in one swift motion, buring his dick deep into her hot pussy.She gasped. He was fucking her now in steady strokes placing his palms on the desk as he pounded her hard causing the desk to rock steadily.

Her palms were over her mouth stopping her moans. He touched his tongue with one finger and placed it on her clits, rubbing it fast.

“Oh God Bee…oh God……jeez I’m… I’m in… heaa–vuuuu—n…oooowwww….”

She pushed her arse out towards him in doggy style with one leg draped across d desk as he rubbed her juice over his dick. He entered her sharply and this time,he was the one that let out a load moan…he bent down to kiss her neck cupping both breast in his hands as he rammed into her. Their moans couldn’t be stopped now. They were both breathing hard.

She was bouncing her arse on his dick as she fucked him still doggy style. But now she was in control. He held her waist as she circled her arse around his dick. The slupping sound of wet pussy sucking cock in; rotating and bouncing taking huge cock deeper in this warm, sweet and wet journey .

“Fuck it baby…fuck me…urrgggghhh”

She was groaning hard. The hole in the panty hose had ridden up further and her cute tatoo was showing. He cupped her arse steadying her movement as he began to fuck her hard again. He didn’t even stop her from moaning aloud. They were both approaching climax. Her shoes made her almost as tall as he was and she spread her legs farther apart with her head touching the table. She stood up as he fucked her. He led her to the wall. Sensation was making him tremble. She put out her palms to the wall to support herself. He grabbed her boobs again, both of them in standing position; her arse slightly tilting out;huge cock driving her insane…

“Ohhhh I’m gon cuuum, Bolaji I’m gon cuuuum…”

He felt it splash over his cap. He was coming too. He grabbed her neck and pushed her face downwards while one hand parted her buttocks. His climax was already at the tip of his cock which already had a mind of its own,jamming her vaginal wall on every side….


He came out of her shooting his semen into his hands, clenching his butt as he unloaded every thick milky detail. He felt like hitting something. She handed him a roll of tissue from her bag which he used to wipe his soiled palm clean. The office was in a mess. They couldn’t even remember throwing things around. Their clothes lay in a heap on the scattered floor. He looked at his girlfriend as she dressed up.

Deitan shot him one murderous stare as he led Nasima out to where her car was packed. He would deal with her later. For now, there was just one thing on his mind…Nasima gave the most amazing blowjob. And he was going to taste her again tonight!!!

*******The End***********

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