Michael was a little nervous. He’d waited three whole months to be with her. In their time apart, he’d grown attached to her, wanting to know how she was, what she was doing and how her twins fared. Every photo she used on her WhatsApp was saved and transferred to his other phone… The one his wife never touched. And he had over 20 photos of her and her twins. She fascinated him immensely. Everything about her made him happy. They had spoken several times and after every call, a sheepish grin left a mark on his face. He suspected that he might be in love with her but the logical part of him argued that it was not LOVE, it was LUST. He knew she felt the same way about him. She was very open about her feelings. When they had become friends, she had told him outright that she was attracted to him. He couldn’t tell if she meant it or was just teasing. She teased alot. It was one of the things that endeared him to her. They had remained friends; always talking about family, mutual friends, their spouses and their kids. He had a son… Barely a few months old. She had twin-toddlers; beautiful little cherubs that he’d fallen in love with when they’d first become friends.

It had only taken them a week of constant chatting, calls and emails to realize that they had an attraction that couldn’t be ignored. By the second week, he wanted them to meet but she hesitated. She’d never cheated on her husband before… She’d had several temptations but they’d never been strong enough to make her want to stray from her vows. Outside that, she didn’t trust him. He seemed like the kind of guy that would warm his way into the heart of any woman he wanted, fucked them and left them in the cold street-corner called FRIENDZONE. She’d watched him closely for a while. He was friendly with some married women whom she knew had fire-crotch. Though she liked him alot, she was also careful around him. She didn’t want her name in his black-book. She didn’t want to be one for the count. So, she told him to wait… for a few months.. not because she had any moral reason but simply because she hoped that the insane lust she felt for him would wane as the days flew by.

The lust did not wane, sadly. It grew into a steady flame, burning brightly between them, drawing them closer and enveloping them in its warmth. He was her waking thought. She was his constant dream. They both couldn’t deny it, the feelings they shared had morphed into something stronger and deeper. They spoke daily, laughing and sharing jokes. He told her about his family and she told him about hers. In the actual sense, they were both happily married.

He loved his wife and couldn’t think of marrying any other.
She loved her husband and couldn’t bare to lose him.
His relationship with his wife was awesome.
Her relationship with her husband was envious.
He enjoyed fucking his wife and did so on the regular.
She could barely keep her husband off her at night.

To the outside world, they had it all. They were happy in their respective marriages but they wanted more… They wanted each other. No topic was taboo for them. They talked about everything. The days they didn’t communicate, they missed each other sorely and when they eventually did connect, their joy couldn’t be rivaled. They had tried to act like rational adults… They had tried to define their situation…

“What are we doing?”
“How did we get to this point?”
“How did things become so deep?”
“Why do I want to fuck you so bad?”

Two months zoomed by and their need grew even fiercer. They exchanged favorite movie titles, watched it in their homes and chatted about it. They exchanged songs, photos and crazy online videos. They had a bond… an invisible tie that bound them together. One evening, they were chatting as usual and he asked “What are you wearing?” She giggled and told him she was wearing an old faded boubou.

“What’s underneath the boubou” he pressed.

“Nothing. No bra, no panties… Nothing.”

He said nothing after that and she thought he had dropped. Then she heard him breathe.

“Eliza, I swear, I will give anything to see you right now. Scratch that, I will give anything to be in a room with you right now. I don’t think I can hold it back for much longer.” His voice sounded labored… breathless. She was silent for a brief moment.

“My husband is back. Let’s talk tomorrow” she said and cut the call without waiting for his response.

Her husband was indeed back butt she could hear him having a conversation with their neighbor and from what they were discussing, he didn’t seem like he was coming up soon. She had to rush Michael off the phone because he had excited her sexually with his declaration. Her clit was still throbbing as she replayed his voice in her head, over and over again. That night, she made up her mind to fuck him. She was convinced that if they fucked, the lust would die off naturally.

When they spoke the next day, she told him her thoughts. She sounded practical, almost passionless about it. She convinced him that sex was the only way out of the madness they felt and seeing as the long wait wasn’t working its desired magic, they might as well fuck and get it over with. He mentally sang the “HALLELUYAH” chorus and they got right down to planning it.

They chose a Friday. Eliza’s husband usually closed a little late and almost always had a few beers with his colleagues before returning home. Also, her nieces came straight to her house for the weekend after school. Michael promised to get off work early enough on the chosen Friday so he could make the necessary arrangements. She furnished him with her itinerary for the day. It involved dropping the twins off at crèche, picking them up at 1pm and waiting for her nieces to arrive from school at 3pm. Their planned meeting was at 4pm.

The night before their meeting, both were nervous. Eliza thought of all the negative scenarios her mind could cook up and ended up a nervous wreck. Michael’s thoughts, on the other hand, kept yoyoing from excitement to fear in bipolar delight.

Friday morning, her husband left the house late. Eliza almost had a nervous breakdown. Her paranoia had resumed early and was working overtime. All sorts of thoughts crossed her mind. She wondered if her husband suspected she was going to be with another man that day. She watched him closely as he lounged about, taking his merry time to eat, dress up before finally leaving for work. Michael had WhatsApped her severally but she had been too nervous to respond. With her husband finally out of the house, she dialed his number, and told him she would see him in a few hours. She hurried through the motions of shaving her armpit, pubes and ass-crack clean; mentally discarding outfits and finally downing half a glass of brandy just to steady her rioting nerves.

Time seemed to crawl and by noon, her head throbbed so badly, she had to lie down for a little shut-eye.
At 1p.m., she went to the crèche to get the twins; bathe and fed them, then sat with them in the living room. She could easily have left them at the mercy of her maid and go about, preparing for her date, but she didn’t. She sat with the kids, trying hard to talk herself out of the plan… fighting the guilt that was fast consuming her.
At 2:30p.m., she had showered and was dressing up. She took time to dress as simply as possible. She wanted her maid to think she was merely going to run some errands. She wanted to look sexy but casual all at once. She didn’t want to be too early and she didn’t want to be too late. She wanted to be simple but lovely for her first romp with a man who wasn’t her husband. She kept her fingers crossed and hoped for fireworks.

All morning, Michael could barely concentrate at work. He was excited and scared. He’d expected Eliza to call and cancel and had been mildly shocked she didn’t. He had sensed her fear when she’d called him earlier. He didn’t like that she was scared but he wanted to be with her so much, he didn’t call off their meeting. The last three months had been nothing short of torture. Eliza was firmly entrenched in his marrow. He thought of her constantly, yearned to hear her laugh, longed to tease her and most of all, fuck her. In the three months, his sexual thoughts had gone through different stages. In the beginning, he had planned to fuck her so hard, her ovaries would disengage. By the second month, the violent sexual thoughts he’d plotted had softened to ‘sexpertise’: A situation where he planned to show-off his sexual skills and wow her till kingdom come. Now, all he wanted to do was make love to her… nice and slow, taking his time to explore every inch of her… building memories that would last him for a very long time. To make the moment even more memorable, he bought flavored condoms. He had plans for Eliza. Very sexually explicit plans. And he couldn’t wait to put them into action.

By 3p.m. he left his office after laying down a perfectly good excuse. The previous day, he had driven to Ikeja to scout for a nice but affordable hotel. They both lived on the island but thought it better to take their “couplation” as far away from there as possible. He got to the hotel, paid for it, got a room and sat down to wait.

Eliza received his WhatsApp message just as her nieces arrived noisily. It was perfect timing for her. As they fawned over the twins, giggling and talking all at once – the way excited teenagers do – Eliza chose that moment to announce that she was dashing down the road to get something and made a beeline out of the house, without giving the maid instructions or kissing the twins goodbye. Her heart raced as she drove away from the compound. She was tempted to turn back twice and at a point, she had to stop at a fuel station to calm her nerves. She checked her make-up and surprisingly, it was still in perfect condition… No panic sweats or eyeliner smudges. She counted to hundred slowly, taking deep breaths and exhaling noisily like a woman having contractions. Pulling herself together, she drove out of the fuel station, turned on the car CD Player and sang along to “Warn Yourself” by Omawumi. The hotel wasn’t hard to find. Michael had given her a good description of the place. She parked her car outside the gate, heaved a long sigh and got out. In a few minutes from now, ‘The Wait’ would officially come to an end.

At the reception, she supplied Michaels alias and room number, looking around uncomfortably. She managed to slip her wedding rings off her finger and tucked them into her bag before the receptionist noticed them. Michael was informed that she was around and she was given directions to his room. With a pounding heart Eliza made her way to Room 025.

Before she approached the door, it opened and there stood Michael, smiling at her. Every fear, guilt, doubt, self-loathing and thoughts of eternal damnation fizzled away. Seeing Michael, standing there, smiling at her uncertainly, made her want to run into his arms like a young schoolgirl. She didn’t remember the HIs or Hellos. She didn’t feel the initial awkwardness she’d assumed would envelope them. All she felt was his arms, going around her in a hug that warmed her, and his lips seeking hers in a welcoming kiss. He smelled heavenly… Somewhat like her husband… Only, better. His skin was smooth, fresh and his lips gave her joy. Their kiss was perfect, like she’d imagined… passionate, probing and absolutely perfect. Eliza’e knees weakened at his kiss and she prayed he wouldn’t stop. But he did. He broke the kiss and stepped back from her, staring at her in awe. They didn’t say much, afraid their words would ruin the moment. Instead, he began to undress slowly, his eyes, never leaving hers, his need for her searing her flushed skin. She didn’t undress… she was too shy to do that. She felt her confidence slipping away as she stared at his toned body. She didn’t want him seeing her stretchmarks and wobbly under-belly; a loving gift from the twins. She turned away shyly, not wanting to stare at him taking off his pants. Naked and unabashed, he pulled her to bed, kissing her again, this time with more urgency.

He loved the way she responded to him. She sighed in his mouth, a soft, feathery whisper of air blowing into him, making him incredibly hard. She was a lip chewer. She chewed on his lower lip, reaching to caress his beard-roughened jaw tenderly. And she smelled good. So good. He sniffed her, inhaling her scent, hoping to store it in some secret place in his head as his lip parted again and again giving her access to his tongue. She was a good kisser. He’d suspected it and was pleased. He reached to lift her blouse, not breaking the kiss until the offending filmy material had to go past her head. Her bra followed. He felt her hesitate a bit… Maybe out of shame or whatever emotion that was warring inside of her but at that moment he couldn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop. He tossed her bra aside and covered one nipple with his mouth, sucking her tenderly and hearing her breath catch in her throat. He stole a look at her, noting the fire in her eyes and was pleased. He teased her nipples some more before sliding lower and lower, placing kisses along her belly to her navel, her lower abdomen and finally her mound. He heard her gasp, sucking in her stomach as his lips made impact with her cunt. She was wet… so very wet and his tongue tingled to lap her up. He kissed the lips of her cunt and kissed her left inner thigh. Then he kissed her cunt again and grazed her right inner thigh with his teeth. He could hear her soft moans and tried to block it out. Spreading her laps further apart, he sank his face into her, sniffing, licking, tongue-fucking and kissing her clit. Her moans increased as she grappled to hold his head, winding her waist in a fascinating rhythm. He wanted her too much to dwell on elongated foreplay.

He got up, reached for the bedside table and grabbed a condom. He tore off the foil and ran it under her nose so she could sniff. It was a strawberry flavored condom. He slipped it on quickly, positioned himself above her, rubbed her cunt briefly to ensure she was really wet and dug into her. Her scream rang out as he pressed in, deeper and deeper. Her expression excited him and made him want to fuck her till infinity. He couldn’t remember wanting a woman as much as he wanted Eliza. His thrusts were delivered in precise strokes, making her scream aloud in mindless pleasure. He stopped suddenly removed his dick and replaced it with his mouth… sucking out the strawberry flavor of the condom and rising up to kiss her. Eliza tasted her juice, mixed with strawberry flavor from the condom and almost orgasmed. He kissed her over and over again till she whispered “Fuck me baby… I want you to fuck me” into his ears. He rammed into her, fucking her hard; her screams making him increase the pace of his thrusts. She began to pant breathlessly and he leaned into her, lifting her left leg to enable him slip his hand underneath to cup her buttocks. He squeezed and thrust into her repeatedly, digging deeper and deeper till she screamed out and bit his arm as she climaxed. He paused, his dick still hard inside her and watched her shake and jerk as her orgasm coursed through her. Rolling off her, he lay on his back and pulled her close, cuddling her till her body calmed.

Eliza couldn’t believe the force of her orgasm. She’d expected Michael to fuck her, show his skills and probably be selfish in lovemaking. But he was none of that. He had taken his time to pleasure her; kissed her like a tender flower, ate her pussy with relish and fucked her till her world spun endlessly. She burrowed closer to him, running her hands over his hairy chest. While she rested, his dick went limp so he slipped off the condom and tossed it on the floor. She wanted to pleasure him as he had done her. She wanted to see him cum. Without thinking twice, she slid down and took him in her mouth and felt him stiffen his limbs in response. Eliza sucked his dick with an expertise that amazed him. She kissed his balls, taking them into her mouth tenderly, licked the crevices of his inner thighs and continued sucking his dick. She was glad to hear him groan and gasp and willingly went to him when he pulled her up.

“I need to pee” he told her softly. She rolled off him and watched him enter the adjoining toilet. She wanted him again and reached to touch herself, caressing her clit while waiting for him to return. He got out of the toilet and slipped into bed, pulling her atop him, kissing her with an urgency that almost drove her nuts. His already stiff dick poked her lower belly tantalizingly and a sudden urge overcame her. Leaning to kiss him, she sank down till she could feel his dick at the entrance of her pussy. Staring into his eye, she sank down fast; taking him in, without condom… feeling his raw dick graze her walls. They moaned in unison, the sensation of their unprotected privates causing them untold pleasure. Not wanting him to stop her, she began to ride him with an effortless easy that made him grab her ass and squeeze it hard. Her pace didn’t falter and his orgasm began to build, faster than he wanted. Holding her waist to still her, he pulled out and told her to turn so he could fuck her from behind. She obliged him happily, going on all fours and throwing her ass in the air. Seeing her pussy open and glistening, he couldn’t resist. He buried his face into her cunt again eating her out till she screamed. Sensing that she was about to climax again, he rammed into her, fucking her so fast that she came…her orgasm making her whole body vibrate. She fell on the bed tiredly, trying to catch her breath but he wasn’t done. He turned her on her back, spread her legs open and licked her cunt again and again, lubricating her with his saliva. Her knees buckled as she felt the familiar wave of orgasm gushing forth. He propped a pillow under her buttocks before entering her, pressing in so deep, she screamed. Leaning his weight atop her, he lifted both her legs, cushioned her buttocks in his hands and began to fuck her furiously. Her screams became so loud, he tried to silence her with his mouth. After several thrusts, she whimpered.

“I’m gonna cum again…. Oooohhhhh…. Ohhhhh God! Ooooohhhh baby”

Her cries finally pushed him past the point of holding back. He withdrew his dick from inside her, grabbed it and aimed it at her ample breasts, fapping briefly till thick cum began to shoot out, hitting her chest, ear, hair and the side of her mouth. Breathing hard, they both stared at each other in silence, knowing there and then that this was not going to end today. Her phone rang and broke the moment, making her jump in fright. With semen slowly trickling down her breast, she took her husband’s call… Talking calmly and lying with an ease that baffled her. He wanted to know what she was making for dinner.

After the call, she turned to Michael apologetically and smiled as he helped her wipe off his cum from her breasts, face and hair. They kissed again, more passionately than they both envisaged. She got dressed hurriedly, words barely spoken. When she was done, they hugged tight, reluctant to let go. They eventually broke apart and he tried to kiss her again but she refused.

“I’ll call you when I get home…” She told him quietly then left the room.

They both knew, deep down that what they’d just shared in Room 025 was not just sex but the beginning of an affair.
He was not ready to let go.
Neither was she.