Four years together was beinging to take its toll on them. Just yesterday she had let paranoia take over her reasoning.
All the girl had sent was “great night, let’s do this again”…Those words had almost driven her crazy…no,It had driven her crazy. She had sat down, stood up, listened to music, thrown her phone on the wall, assembled it, cooked with a lot of pepper, infact she had done everything in the six stages of emotional pitfall while she waited for Bolaji’s return from work.

She had even done a conference call with her friends and poured out how she was going to ravenously dismantle his head, cook his balls and feed him with it. Tracy had laughed her head off and Titi had instructed her to “Calm her tits”…as usual Bukky had tried to understand the situation and provide explaination as to why a girl will send a dude such a text.

The downsides of dating a hot guy. she never used to be insecure until one day, an eerie feeling had washed over her and she started acting like a spy. As usual, Bolaji just smiles through it all and says “Babe, we are fine”.

Today, she felt stupid. After he had explained himself, she kept askin herself one question…”WHY!!! Why she had acted so irrationally”.

Well even though the girl’s problem was solved, she still felt like things were getting boring. Every activity was seeming cliche and she had already assumed the role of “Iyawo”.

So today, spice things up she will. The plan was simple. Bolaji was her man and she knew just what made his dick nod in approval…(Yes, I said it. I know what makes it nod). She smiled.

The aura in the office was far from normal. Bolaji was having a hard time concentrating at this meeting with Deitan acting slutty. She was sitting beside him pretending to be fanning her neck with the mouse pad and prying the first two buttons of her transparent white shirt open. Open enough for Bolaji to sight her big breast. As if that wasn’t enough, she had her hands up his thigh until the Md’s voice helped bring back sanity.

He had made it through the meeting with his senses hanging on very thin thread. Deitan was from hell!!! he thought. She was one of the very persistent girls in his life who wouldn’t take no. He loved Nasima and the thought of hurting her with Deitan was eating him up. Maybe it was hurting him so much because he also wanted the bitch. She had tormented him for a long time and it was only polite for him to want to punish her. Maybe he’ll give in to her madness today. The thought excited him badly. He shook as his phone vibrated in his pocket.

•You have an erection

•All thanks to you.
•take your hands off the table and lean closer. I can’t see your boobs well *winks*
•help a brother!

•you are high *laughs*


•stp gettin me all excited. We know you won’t go through with it. Your “wifey” beckons. (˘̯˘ )( ˘˘̯)

•what do you want Deitan?

She looked up from her phone which she held on her laps. Her eyes were dark with need. Bolaji had to look away.

•why not let’s meet in your office after this and I’ll show you what I want…

•LOL. Ok.

The door opened and for one brief moment he had the urge to rush towards her but he restrained himself.

Bolaji: holy shit…Nasima! Err, what are you doing here?

Nasima: what do you mean? Can’t I visit my boyfriend again? Besides why are you so jumpy???

Bolaji: Err, nothing. Busy day. I still have a ton of things to settle before I close.

Fuck!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Shit!!!

Such freaking bad timing. Had Nasima brought the fight down to the office???…… NOW???…… He felt like crying. He had to find a way to dismiss her before Deitan appeared.

This is bad, he thought. Something had held Deitan up and here was his girlfriend hovering above him. What if Deitan had been 5minutes earlier? He didn’t even want to think about it. His mind was shooting her firy darts. So instead, he sat behind his desk and started bringing out files upon files. “At least, she knows better than to start any thing now” he thought.
Maybe she would realise he was really busy and leave.

Nasima was already feeling bad. He was obviously still mad at her.
“Durr…I can’t be blamed for protecting my man and relationship…Hello!!!”
But it was too late to turn back. She was here and she had to do what she came to do. At least let it be recorded that she made an effort.

There was something different about her today; standing in front of him in all sexiness. She had that mischievous cheshire cat grin on her face. He could tell that she was thinking about something. She was pacing his office and her heels were making klak, klak sound on the wooden panel floor. Once when her back was turned, he drank her in…

She was wearing a very short midnight Blue military styled dress with double bottons all the way down. A belt helped accentuate her tiny waist. If she made any attempt to bend, her crotch will be out in 3D with that barely obvious panty hose!!! The thought almost angered him. “So what if she got to her fashion store and had to bend ehn? So some other guy would be privy to the information under her legs ba” he thought…

She faced him almost too soon and caught him looking at her. Red alert!!!

“Actually B”… she started in the most appealing voice she could find, “I just came to say I’m sorry bout everything”

“Nasima, its ok. I understand how you feel but I need you to trust me. Okay?”

She smiled.

Bolaji sprang up from his seat in a flash and went to lock his door.

“Shit Nasima!!!”

“Is that all you’ll say? She was staring at him with one kind of “Eat me gaze”


Bolaji was confused, amazed and excited. Under the scandalous dress was a more scandalous piece of nothingness. The Nude bra cupped her breast from underneath like a mannequin and pushed them up leaving no space between her cleavage. As she peeled the “coat” off her body, his eyes widened like a saucer.

He walked up to her, and she felt triumphant. A smile played on her face…she was bitting her lower lips in the way she knew pleased him. And oh, he was very well pleased…

They were kissing like their lives depended on it. First it was just lips touching lips. His tongue pryed her mouth open. They kissed for what seemed like eternity. Bolaji lifted her up and placed her on the desk. He was cursing himself for bringing out all those unwanted files.

She wrapped her legs round his waist as the kiss went on and on. He kissed her nose. He kissed her forehead. She smiled. He kissed her lips again and she held his head ever so gently. Her hands reached down to take off her heels but he stopped her…

“Don’t! Please!”

His voice was hush and smoky…laced with need and desire. His erection closed the distance between them, touching the entrance of her already dripping pussy; entrance blocked by black panty hose. The fact that she had such scanty piece of clothing on was making his erection grow so much he felt it was going to burst. he put his hand behind her and unhooked her bra freeing one perfect breast after the other.

He kissed her neck and a moan escaped her lips. He felt her suck in air as one hand took the place of the bra. One finger was playing with the nipples. He felt her body twitch…

She was kissing his ears. He couldn’t explain how he felt. He bent down and took one nipple in his mouth flicking his tongue over it steadily and biting it softly.


She placed her elbows on the already scattered desk for balance. Giving him more room to explore her body.
He was touching her all over. It was like every touch hit nerves and every nerve was sending messages to her brain. He kissed her stomach. Sucked on her abdomen. He placed his hands to cover her hosed pussy like he was saying the grace over a meal. And just like Nasima had imagined it, Bolaji drilled a hole in d tissue-like fabric and slipped his fingers into her.


He fingered her slowly. He was trying to make the moment worthwhile. He didn’t want a quickie and he didn’t care about time.

He tore the hose a little more to allow space for his already throbing dick. He knew she wanted to taste it but he couldn’t wait. He wanted to give her something to look forward to tonight. He rubbed his prick up and down her clit and entrance enticing her.

God she was beautiful. He gave her a lingering once-over and remembered how mad she had been over that text message.

Someone knocked.

“Bolaji, there’s someone at the door”

“Well…I can’t possibly stop now can I?”

With that, he rammed into her in one swift motion, buring his dick deep into her hot pussy.She gasped. He was fucking her now in steady strokes placing his palms on the desk as he pounded her hard causing the desk to rock steadily.

Her palms were over her mouth stopping her moans. He touched his tongue with one finger and placed it on her clits, rubbing it fast.

“Oh God Bee…oh God……jeez I’m… I’m in… heaa–vuuuu—n…oooowwww….”

She pushed her arse out towards him in doggy style with one leg draped across d desk as he rubbed her juice over his dick. He entered her sharply and this time,he was the one that let out a load moan…he bent down to kiss her neck cupping both breast in his hands as he rammed into her. Their moans couldn’t be stopped now. They were both breathing hard.

She was bouncing her arse on his dick as she fucked him still doggy style. But now she was in control. He held her waist as she circled her arse around his dick. The slupping sound of wet pussy sucking cock in; rotating and bouncing taking huge cock deeper in this warm, sweet and wet journey .

“Fuck it baby…fuck me…urrgggghhh”

She was groaning hard. The hole in the panty hose had ridden up further and her cute tatoo was showing. He cupped her arse steadying her movement as he began to fuck her hard again. He didn’t even stop her from moaning aloud. They were both approaching climax. Her shoes made her almost as tall as he was and she spread her legs farther apart with her head touching the table. She stood up as he fucked her. He led her to the wall. Sensation was making him tremble. She put out her palms to the wall to support herself. He grabbed her boobs again, both of them in standing position; her arse slightly tilting out;huge cock driving her insane…

“Ohhhh I’m gon cuuum, Bolaji I’m gon cuuuum…”

He felt it splash over his cap. He was coming too. He grabbed her neck and pushed her face downwards while one hand parted her buttocks. His climax was already at the tip of his cock which already had a mind of its own,jamming her vaginal wall on every side….


He came out of her shooting his semen into his hands, clenching his butt as he unloaded every thick milky detail. He felt like hitting something. She handed him a roll of tissue from her bag which he used to wipe his soiled palm clean. The office was in a mess. They couldn’t even remember throwing things around. Their clothes lay in a heap on the scattered floor. He looked at his girlfriend as she dressed up.

Deitan shot him one murderous stare as he led Nasima out to where her car was packed. He would deal with her later. For now, there was just one thing on his mind…Nasima gave the most amazing blowjob. And he was going to taste her again tonight!!!

*******The End***********