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Why Do Women Cheat?


By Kim Seabrooks

Why women cheat is a very interesting topic of discussion, as the reasons why women cheat are much different than the reasons men cheat. This article will discuss the top four reasons why women cheat on their partners. If anyone can think any others reasons, please let us know.

#1: She feels ignored and unloved.

The main reason that women cheat on their partners is not for physical gratification, but for emotional gratification. If a woman feels that her partner doesn’t care about her, doesn’t really love her, or ignores her, she is going to try to find someone else that will care about her, love her, and not ignore her. This is why most women, when they cheat, fall in love with or think they have fallen in love with the person they have cheated with—they feel that that person understands them, loves them, will appreciate them, and not ignore them.

#2: She’s not satisfied sexually.

Although emotional gratification is more likely the reason for a woman to cheat that sexual gratification, a woman still may cheat because she is not sexually satisfied. Even if the woman and her partner are regularly having sex, the woman may not feel that they are really making love. Also, the woman might find that having sex with new, different men is more exciting than only having sex with one person.

#3: She’s getting revenge.

If a woman is hurt or angry about her partner’s past actions, she might cheat to get back at them. Women who are treated poorly, are in a loveless relationship, or are abused by their partners may find that cheating is a way of revenge or even rebellion against them.

#4: She’s doesn’t respect her partner.

A woman may cheat on her partner because she has lost respect for them. A woman can lose respect for her partner for a number of different reasons, including the reasons already listed above: she is being ignored, she feels unloved, she is not being sexually satisfied, she is treated poorly, and/ or she is abused. Other reasons could be that her partner is not making as much money as they did in the past, her partner has gained some weight, or her partner no longer exhibits one or several of the characteristics she once loved best about her partner. When this becomes the case, a woman may look for someone that makes more money, is in better physical shape, or possessed the characteristics that she misses in her partner.

These top four reasons why women cheat give you a bit of insight into the minds of women. Now that you’re in the know about why women cheat, you can use this information in your relationship to make sure that you’re treating your girl right so she won’t cheat on you!



From this moment her account is $300,000 richer!!! Yes o! Her handsome bobo came with a tiara for his queen. The reason Melvin didn’t get a chance. The gal deserved it! Congrat 

I know some people put their money on Naija’s Melvin 🙂 awwwwn.. pele

A number of relationships blossomed in this year’s Reality show. Wishing the ”new couples” the best outside the house..

now that BBA is over, we can all divert our attention to the EPL \(^.^)/ sweet..


Echoes Of Silence…

At a time in my life, i felt alone.. like i wasn’t loved.. during my lowest moments, i wrote this little note.. it so happens i stumbled upon it recently.. looking at it now, i’m glad things are not as it used to be.. when you’re done reading, i guess you’ll know why.. happy reading…
There’s a reason that I hate romances. They always remind of the things that I never
had. Love, such an insignificantly small, four lettered word; yet all the people seemed
to be so obsessed over it. Frankly I don’t get it. I don’t get any of it. May be it’s just me,
and my weird self.
I’ve been involved with women, some casual, and some I thought were serious. But I
suppose I never really loved them. I thought I was, and at times I forced myself to feel
that way. I’ve said the same lines to every single girl. They keep asking me why them?
What made them so special to me? And why do I love them? I just merely told them
what they wanted to hear. Does that make me a liar? I suppose so. Does that make
me heinous? I don’t know, maybe it does. I’ve been living in pretense all my life. I’ve
been pretending so much that I’m confused about what I really am. I’ve been lying all my
life, and I’ve lost the truth somewhere along the road.
The truth is that I’ve always kept my feelings in check. Truth is that I’ve kept my
emotions shut. I was five when my dad left my mum, after they had a fight and he hit her.. Most would’ve cried, most would’ve
broken down, most would’ve acted differently than the way I did. I just kept staring at
my mum, not sure what I should feel or how I should feel. People around were giving
me weird looks. Their faces were worried, and their eyes asked “what’s wrong with
that kid?” So I learned from my mistakes. When it was my grandmother’s turn to go to
the other side, I just followed the lead of my relatives. They looked sad, I looked sad.
They started crying, and so did I. even though I wasn’t really sad.
I’ve been called a jerk, a dick, a moron, a loser; none of which I’m denying. I may be all
of those, and probably more. I know inside, that I’ve earned all of them. The facts that
even the relationships that I claimed serious, not lasting for a considerable amount of
time, made me realize that I truly deserve all of them. May be it is because that
inside I’m still a little child. I want toys that I don’t have, and when I finally get them I
just get tired of them, and start looking for a new toy to play with. Or maybe it is just
simply because I’m afraid of commitments.  I am damaged, I know, and probably
beyond anyone’s help.
I am man with little regrets in my life. I neither regret nor resent any encounter I had
with anyone in my life. So why am I writing this? I myself don’t know the reason. May
be I feel guilty for all the lies I’ve said, and all that I made others believe, or maybe I
just felt like getting this off of my chest. I did it all to spare myself of loneliness, and
to get myself distracted from my life itself. I guess I’m a little bit more selfish than I

Celebrity Crush – NIYOLA


Eni sexy.. yoruba girl toh sure..Eniola Akinbo popularly known as Niyola

discovered her affinity for music at age 8

when she attended a Funmi Adams concert with her father. Soon, she started

developing interest in singing; deciding later that year, to do a song at the annual

church convention.

Her father who’s a music enthusiast and vocalist groomed her for the convention

together with her brother and sister who also had love for music. After that

performance, little Eniola went home with gifts and envelopes from people who had

confessed that she had an amazing talent. From then on she recognised her talent

and started nurturing her musical skills while creating music that her older ones

listened to.

Niyola’s unique story started in 2000 when she took part in the AMEN starlet

competition and emerged first runner up – meeting with the then “Plantashun boys’’

who invited her to do a duet with the group (she ended up recording with Faze as the

group would soon split).

She later joined Trybe records briefly; leaving to jump start ‘’Make sum noise

‘’entertainment a production outfit owned by Freestyle of TRYBESMEN. She released

her first singles Me n U (in da club) No more and Dem say on the imprint.


After the release of the singles, it wasn’t long before she got signed to Westside

Music (where she released her eponymous debut album containing the smash hits

Bring it on and Call my name). The album got two nominations that year at the Hip

hop world awards. She also signed a management deal with Now muzik.

Niyola has performed at major events like the Akon concert in Lagos, Calabar festival

in Cross Rivers, Yhello Festival alongside Sasha, and toured with CELTEL (now Airtel)

in 2008. She also took part in the first girl power Tetmosol project amongst many

others. In 2009, she took part in the OVATION RED CAROL theme song.

With influences like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Rachelle Ferelle and Beyonce,

Niyola’s vocal strength has brought about collaborations with Ruggedman on” If I

could do it’’, “ If you want my love” with Freestyle, ‘’All my days ‘’, “Leaders of tomorrow

‘’with Sasha amongst many others.

She’s also written soundtracks for movies in her dialect Yoruba like FEYIPITAN, OGIDI

OMO ABANIDARO amongst many others. In 2007 she wrote the theme song for 2FACE

IDIBIA’s 2nd album concert and also did jingles for Coca Cola and a few other

international brands.


As an undergraduate in the University of Lagos, and an apostle of travel and tourism,

Niyola combined her studies with her music; building up a strong profile as a

musician to reckon with, while earning her first degree.

Following the successful release of her first independent single TURN ME ON in

December 2010, the singer has now gone on to release her hot new single titled

UNPREDICTABLE (featuring Skales and produced by Ex O). UNPREDICTABLE was

written with Ex O and is a translation of Niyola’s personal experiences, as is her

forthcoming album.

Niyola recently got signed to Empire Mates Entertainment and was featured on

several tracks on the EME Empire Mates State of Mind album alongside leading

Nigerian acts, Wizkid, Banky W and Skales; including her debut single as the EME

1st lady, titled ‘Don’t Go There.

Eni baby, if you’re reading this, hope to meet you someday… love..

your biggest fan




Relationships are beautiful things, no doubt. They give you this sense of security, that someone special has got your back; you have someone to run to whenever it seems the whole world is turning against you, and best of all, that you are being loved for who you are.

Unfortunately though, bad relationships – or rather, relationships gone bad – are sometimes inevitable. The best thing any ‘victim’ can do is to do everything possible to get over such mishap – and everything allied to it.
One good way to do such is to listen to songs that will help you get over your ex.
It’s rather sad that most Nigerian singers have subconsciously neglected this dark area of life, and gradually (over time), no one is saying anything therapeutic about breakups. This inspired the a search for the most suitable Nigerian tunes for breakups; not really the ones that will keep you moping over your misfortune, but those that should really help you get over your ex!

Say Your Love – P-Square

6 Nigerian Tunes to Help You Get Over Your Ex

“You say your love no dey lie, say your feelings no dey die; see me girl (now) I dey cry”. You’d think guys were the ones bad with promises until you give this track a good listen. She even cheated on the innocent and sincere P-Square with ‘his’ best friend. “Get out of my sight make you find your way” goes the verdict of the ‘played’ lover. Too bad he loved her ‘pass his mama’, and now he wants to die. But he won’t! Put this soulful classic tune on replay all day, and I bet you’d feel better about your breakup, especially if you actually pulled the red card!

Ego – Djine

6 Nigerian Tunes to Help You Get Over Your Ex

Okay, love-bereft and heart-broken boyfriends are finally tired of begging and doing everything to please the unloving girlfriend, and are ready to go and ‘start life anew’. This is the lamentation of a lover who has put everything into a relationship he really thought would move to the next level – marriage, and had been a victim of spiteful criticism from friends and family because of the love he has for a woman who did not appreciate or reciprocate this feeling in the slightest bit. “If I die how I go appreciate say when I dey this world I don fall in love? If you help me see Ego, make you tell am I don go…” tuneful singer and super-producer Djinee bemoans. Such plaintive and emotional pidgin-English tune for any regretting lover who wants to leave everything behind and start all over.

Game Over – P-square

6 Nigerian Tunes to Help You Get Over Your Ex

Failed promises from a woman again; and the incredible crooner twins are once again the victims. She kept hanging up when he called, and she kept telling all her friends she wanted to break up – all this after cheating badly. Thank God he didn’t wait till she did the worst.
Warning: “If I dey go left, make you dey go right… if I dey go front, make you dey waka dey go!” So sorry about the break-up, but that part is a bit funny. That game was truly over! Tell that ex with all confidence; “this game is over”!

Not the Girl – Darey

6 Nigerian Tunes to Help You Get Over Your Ex

You’d almost be moved to tears even without a bad breakup or an unforgivable ex when you allow yourself to dive deep into the grief-stricken lyrics and penetrating instrumentals of this song. The song is not yet at the break-up stage, but it will serve as a good reminder of how you noticed her/his negative changes, how you thought you ‘lost her/him long ago like a book that’s left the shelf’ and how much you’d been expecting her to leave. Stop wondering how it all went wrong, forget how much you tried and all the tears you cried – she’s gone and gone for good! With a strong resolution to put the emotions in check ‘next time’, all in a bid to protect his ‘poor heart’, this is versatile and multi-talented Darey Art Alade’s masterpiece for loves gone bad.

Bibanke – Asa

6 Nigerian Tunes to Help You Get Over Your Ex

This emotional masterpiece translates to ‘When I’m Crying’. This song tells the story of a bad break-up obviously initiated by a guy who was actually no longer in the relationship except for his physical appearance. Asa bitterly recounts how the player swayed her with his sweet words and very believable assurances earlier in the relationship, and also regrets how she’d been ‘a fool’. “When I’m crying, even if water is flowing, just leave me alone!” At the end of it all, classic lyricist Asa only had ‘surrendering everything to God’ as a last resort. There are very strong lyrics throughout the song. This sad tune with Yoruba chorus and bridge will surely be evergreen for bad break-ups!

Once Bitten – 9ice

6 Nigerian Tunes to Help You Get Over Your Ex

Whenever a set of lyrics is not written out of mere creativity, but the words flow out of real life experience and the song gets released as it was hot, anyone would really feel the pain of the singer. Such was the experience Nigerians had with 9ice’s “Once Beaten”. I wouldn’t want to dig up unpleasant stories, but this song is a perfect way to assure yourself that you are wiser and can’t make the same mistake again or fall for the same trick twice. The singer’s story was actually – and sadly – a bad marriage. “Once bitten, twice shy” indeed!

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