The recent Constitutional Review carried out by the Nigerian Senate caused agitation and uproar, when the Senate resolved to retain section 29(4)(b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFRN).

Taken literally, this provision of the CFRN provides that for the purpose of renunciation of Nigerian citizenship, any woman is deemed to be of full age. After this resolution, Nigerians home and abroad began a campaign- #ChildNotBride- on the premise that the retention of this provision of the CFRN somehow endorses child marriage.

It is shameful that while our neighbors like Ghana are planning to increase d marriageable age from 21 to 23 years, Nigeria is debating whether or not child marriage should be allowed. Simply put, child marriage is repulsive, reprehensible, appalling, abhorrent, etc.

This is what a well known senator  had to say concerning the issue:

Ahmed Yerima-
‘Nigeria has many uncountable problems and none of them is early marriage. As a matter of fact early marriage is the solution to about half of our problems. For those who wonder if I can give my daughter(s) out in marriage at the age of 9 or 13, I tell you most honestly, I can give her out at the age of 6 if I want
to and its not your business.

This is because I am a Muslim and I follow the example of the best mankind, Muhammad. In Islam, marriage is not on about séx, it is about family and helping one another in achieving their
goals, which is the attainment of Paradise.

In Islam, a girl can be given out in marriage as early
as 6 years old, but consummátion of the marriage can only be done when the girl becomes physically mature and she gives her consent to it because unlike English law, it is not permissible for a man To
Molést his wife in Shari’ah Law.

After reading what this ‘gentleman’ said, i was speechless, annoyed frustrated and sick of this country..i had no words to express such anger… well, not until stella damascus (a well known nollywood actress and widow 😦 ) came out and blasted the Nigerian senate and also our beloved mummy first lady on their lack of common sense.. thank you stella  😀

what did she say?

In her words Stella said, “I have read and studied all the stupid reasons that Senator Yerima and his colleagues have tabled to sponsor the bill…I can not believe the Senators of Nigeria would waste tax payers money sitting down and planning to legalize the selfish interest of some old randy men in marrying off young girls…”

The Widow star didn’t stop at Senator Yerima as she gave a piece of her mind to the Nigeria first lady, Patience Jonathan.

Oh wait a minute, where is the first lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan? Why haven’t we heard your voice? You derive pleasure in lending your voice to issue that do not concern you but this issue is right under you and we expect to hear your voice because you are the mother of Nigeria…mother of the nation…If you do not stand up and put a stop to this madness, then I’m really sorry, it’s a shame!” Stella gushed.

Apparently, some senators have come out to say that their motion was mis-interpreted by Nigerians..  a certain senator Odunsi had this to say

What the Senate attempted to do that day was to expunge that clause but couldn’t do so due to shortage of 13 votes because 60 senators voted for its removal as against 73 required votes while 35 voted for its retention.

“Therefore, from what happened on the floor of the Senate last Tuesday, the Senate attempted to expunge the somewhat archaic clause and not in any way created the law as now wrongly portrayed by Nigerians”, he clarified.

Source: Vanguard News

*sigh* Seeing a list of 35 senators that supported this just kills my heart, are these the people that Nigerians have voted into power to rule them. If yes is the answer then this is not a country I will want to be a citizen, a country where the future of my unborn child is uncertain and where a grown man in his supposed ‘right senses’ would want to get married to a 13 year old child. It is barbaric to ask a child to be a mother, ask another child to beget another child. At age 13 I know that I would want my daughter to have all the loving and care in the world and not be bothered about such things as marriage and the issues that trail it. We have more pressing issues of ASSU strike, NUPENG issues, electricity issues, Boko Haram crisis and some other insecurity issues, education is in a sorry state, most of our roads are nothing but routes to hell, death traps and all these are relegated to the backburner to bring up an issue that shouldn’t have even seen the light of day in the first instance.

*sigh* last thoughts? Give the girl child a pen and not a penis, give her books and leave her boobs, an education and not ejaculation. Speak out today so that we do not get trodden up, our voices must be heard.

#ChildNotBride Give The Girl a pen not a penis