Here’s a story of a couple, Sam and Tonia , cute couple, always there for each other and madly in love too.. but on this very day, well, things became a little different..


Have you ever had a fight with someone over stuff you can’t even remember? I mean you know you’re not speaking with the person, but why? Only God knows. That’s the situation I found myself with my lady Tonia. We hadn’t spoken all day and even the regular pings during break time at the office were not forth coming. Imagine, we didn’t even share our usual peck when I drop her off in the morning. Now, even my boss has noticed I’m not at my best today. I just couldn’t explain. My boss smiled and picked up the phone from the table. He handed it to me and asked me to call her right away. “Tell her you’re sorry”, he counseled, sounding like the father he has always been to me. His advice made a lot of sense.. I decided to immediately send her a text and a sweet voice over the blackberry messenger, something sweet.


Sam is mad at me, I know it. This morning he dropped me off without our usual good bye peck. I’ve been giving him his space all day but its not been easy. I’m scrolling through my phone address book right now and just staring at the phone when I got a beep, he sent me a voice note ^.^ and a text saying he’s sorry for not calling me all day. Sam is such a sweetheart… I have to call him back right away.



Imagine how this couple would have turned out if they had not reached out to each other. There’s nothing that can’t be resolved when the windows of communication are opened. And every problem seems magnified when theses same windows are close. Bottom line, communication is key.