Well hi there,umm,ok so I was going through some of my old secondary school notes dated as far back as 2005 (yes,I still keep them *covers face*) and I stumbled upon something very very hilarious.. trust me when I say it kept me laughing for minutes.. I really missed the good old secondary school days.. *sigh* now I’m preparing myself for youth service this july.. anyways,what did I stumble upon? The top 20 gbagauns from my school mates back in the day! Its was too funny! And sadly, I even contributed to the gbagauns sef *rme* nobody’s perfect jare.. ayways, I’ll let you in on the top 20 gbagauns from my secondary school days in no particular order alongside  the culprits as well as their twitter handles… hehehe.. I’m pretty sure they’ll hang me for this,buh who cares! LMAO!

1 – the cake has broken.. by @baller_shakola
2 – i like spider by Yemi dawodu
3 – she covered 1 eyes.. by @baller_shakola
4 – i am champion.. by AIMAN
5 – switch off d door.. by @baller_shakola
6 – tore it.. @Jo4nCh4n
7 – they should av sanged it in chinese.. by @bakingape
8 – thats what it doos.. By @bakingape
9 – is the man come back.. by @_teemacjacobs
10 – his cape is a blood.. by @_teemacjacobs
11 – u are hearing double.. by @_teemacjacobs
12 – throw ur hands 2 d up.. by @baller_shakola
13- his cousins is der.. by @_teemacjacobs
14- i av a 5K..by @wemzlaw
15- what is d causing of d sickness.. by @wemzlaw
16- he is dapo seniors brother.. by @baller_shakola
17-all woman are whore…by @baller_shakola
18-all women are whorel..by @_teemacjacobs  (he tried 2 correct @baller_shakola)
19-who is this people..by @_teemacjacobs
20-switch off d door n make sure u close d light.. by @_teemacjacobs


21-put ur hands 2 d up..by @baller_shakola